Sunday, November 25, 2007

Things to remember about Thanksgiving Weekend ’07

Being without internet for a full 5 days has been hard enough, but harder has been the task of compiling the weekend of ups and down into one coherent blog. This task reminded me that I am a strong believer in thoughtful lists. It can be exactly as complicated and unconnected as the subject matter, and it helps me to compile all my moments into one picture. So here goes. In no particular order.

Getting free, yes FREE manicures with Kathleen. Thanks to a pile of unused gift certificates from Christmas’ past. And singing the Shane Company commercial BY HEART in the car, with no provocation. Totally spontaneous while reminiscing about junior high and radio stations. J And I’m going to take a moment to commemorate how awesome kathleen’s hugs are.

Seeing Maria completely live my 13 year old existence. such as…..
Me: what are you girls up to?
Maria and Sarah: we’re going to curl our hair and put on fun outfits and walk to 15th and rent movies. wooohooo.

Going to a blues traveler concert with BOTH of my parents. (who are divorced just fyi) and being completely comforted to see them both dancing in their silly hippie way with the one thing they still have in common. me. and jam bands.

Me and maria’s complete inability to keep our big mouths shut. Which results in no Christmas present mystery whatsoever. but we like it better that way. Deal with it.

Being able to simultaneously enjoy and make fun of the newly dubbed ‘tradition’ of thanksgiving at the country club. Tradition my ass. But really, let’s not get into my ass and the inches it gained this weekend!

How comfortable I feel on Seattle buses. How I have missed your sleep inducing, high backed seats of bliss. Your Portland competition is hard and cold and does not even come close to your glory.

Driving along Lake Washington Boulevard on a surprisingly clear and bright day, and being left completely breathless by the beauty of Seattle. Lakes and mountains and floating bridges.

Cuddling with Maria. All 6 feet of her. And realizing once again, that the way her hair smells will never change. Neither will the feeling that she is still 3 and drooling.

The laughter and screeching of the Jesse women, as our father catches major AIR going down the rollercoaster streets of Seattle. Done knowing that we would have that exact response. Sometimes it’s like we were never apart. But one of the constant disparaging remarks from my mother, when he is out of ear range, reminds me that that was a long time ago.

The smell of St. Joseph’s church on Sunday mornings. And Jesuit mass. There aren’t really any words that can explain the unique experience of Jesuit culture. But it is for certain the only thing that can truly remind me that I’m catholic at heart.

How easily my grandmother can make me cry. And realizing that this Africa experience I am embarking on in fall 08 will most likely not be accepted by them for many years to come. And how sad I am that we cannot come together over something so clearly good and exciting.

My mother, despite ridiculous abounding, is amazingly funny and beautiful.

Making eyes with the pizza man at the corner bistro café, having it awesomely end with a look and smile from the most beautiful eyes ever, and the cutest wave I have ever seen. If only I lived in Seattle. It was PURE MAGIC I tell you! as lauren as I figure.... an honest exchange of sexual pheromones. wooot.

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