Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hey, where are the enema kits I ordered?

Throw me off the boat week is in full swing. I'm not complaining, because it has been entertaining and has flown by, but seriously people, give me some consistency! The early morning start on monday was balanced with some thank you flowers in my new cube. The way to a girl's heart....let's be real. And the new cube with lots of push-pin-able ready for pictures walls isnt too shabby either. Who wants to bet on how long it takes me to remember to bring pictures in? If it wasn't self defeating and not even possible to bet against myself, I would put 5 bucks on two weeks. Then the dry-mouth inducing talking marathon training day began. But the new lady is super super sweet, organized, and laughs with me (not to mention at me). All perks. Tuesday was a whole new ballgame. And by ballgame I mean the Lab. Not only do I get to sleep in on tuesdays and come in at 11, which provides plenty of time for walks and the oh so needed stumptown coffee transfusion with Ali, I also stay untill 7 and spend the entire day in the lab with things like this. Kind of creepy, but kind of really freaking kick ass. Have you ever seen a black penis on a white woman? Yeah neither had I, untill yesterday. Who knew interchangeable plastic parts could be so entertaining past the age of 9? And I constantly fight the need to go home, call my mom, and say "I touched its butt!" like I'm still that age. But try moving one of those on your own, because its arm decides to leak IV fluids, and it turns out the best place to grab. :) The rest of the week (which started today with a rocky alarm sleep through that resulted in one hour less of pay) turns into a mish mash of Jason projects (undergraduate counselor), mini claire projects, and more lab hours on fridays. But it's nice to feel a part of a team, and I end of walking around more, which my waistline will thank me for later. Plus free staff tickets to Little Women this weekend!? Its' like crack for educated feminist-leaning women. Cheers to a grown up job!

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