Thursday, November 29, 2007

This posting remains nameless due to lack of creativity

There really isnt a better youtube video out there right now than the one I just happened upon. Especially considering the baffoon circus that was the latest republican debate sponsored by CNN and youtube (although major kudos to whoever married those two). And in my search for clips to confirm their overt ridiculousness (of which I won't rant on about seeing as I thoroughly exhausted my expletives throughout Safeway with Ali), I came upon this video. There are so many thought-worthy issues discussed in just under 5 minutes of its length, that I will let it poke at your mind and your college experience as it will. Enjoy.

And can we please have a moment of silence to commemorate the massive invasion of local grocery store produce sections by giant boxes of satsumas. They are everywhere, my version of a safe and bipartisan supported surge really, and I couldn't be happier. Christmas is finally here!

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