Tuesday, November 20, 2007

She Rah

I am sitting here, with silly flushed cheeks from my ONE beer with caitlin at dinner (I'm pathetic I realize thank you), and listening to voicemail from my many suitors (aka my friends who are wondering if I'm coming to House tuesday nights and if I can call them back and talk about their grown up turkey sitting in their fridges- all of which makes me smile immensely) and I'm beginning to realize how surrounded I am by women. Ok, not to say I've been unaware of my women filled family or the 'holynames'-ness of my every thought and habit, but its a process. And despite my 'alone forever' recent realizations, I am incredibly comforted by the sense of cliche belonging. Having someone immediately understand the immensely overwhelming stress of having mothers and sisters come into town, with one long sigh or sarcastic laugh. Just like that. Or the sweaty adventure that is traveling, complete with throwing out all our expensive hair products to go through security. Or the constant worrying. That goes without saying. And most importantly, the guilty pleasures of dressing up. It's one of those moments where the 'us' is so clear. I could get all sociological about it, and as much as I would love to, I'll try to conclude my tangent. It's like when the music is playing and a loud interruption distracts you, a phone ringing or a crunchy crouton, and you end up still singing right along with the music when you can hear it again. Despite these crunchy croutons, like thousands of miles and busy work weeks and family shit, I still come out at the end with a gaggle of women that are there, in the most immediate tangible way. And it's always best when you can raid their closet (and music collection) and find some keepers :)

And I cannot stress the importance of our LACK of smelll or scratching.

Forever and Ever Amen

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Lauren said...

GREAT blog post. huzzah.