Friday, January 11, 2008

Anne Ghena

"I think you became very independent very fast, and a young age, emotionally independent. And I think thats where your confidence comes from. And as you get older, and get away from your instable family, and now that you've created a life for yourself that is solid and good, your confidence and hope just grow and grow, and I see that in you, that hope"

Anne said this in the car to me tonight on the way home from a movie, and I cried just a little bit the rest of the way home. I think I was a little bit sad, but mostly profoundly touched, and I'm sure I was blushing. To hear something like that is nothing short of magical. To know that someone sees in you what you are always trying to be. I will be forever thankful for her frankness tonight, and for that unique way in which she was a mirror for me, reflecting what I often fail to see. And damnit that was a well spent 8 bucks.

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