Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cue Law and Order Music Now

Email from Boss today reads:

"Our lawyers will be contacting you for a meeting. They are thinking that they may need to allow you to talk to the dept of labor regarding ____, but want to assess what you know first. I am sorry you are being pulled into this. They will be contacting you soon"

I am officially involved in a lawsuit. It's messy and frankly just really surreal. To see your name on a real life legal document. Something that actually means a great deal, emotionally and financially, to someone. I'm sure I will be a huge ball of anxiety the day I actually have to do this.

But at the same time, my "I would love to be a lawyer" personality is thinking.....this is REALLY COOL. I want to see how this works! bring it on! HA! And I really don't think that makes me a bad person.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

of COURSE it doesn't make you a bad person! hahaha!