Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just so you're updated

little things about this week that I am thankful for........

watching a movie in bed, then drifting off to sleep

real, nonpowder, freaking glorious half and half in my coffee. and not having the grounds come from a can. and most importantly having secured a monopoly on said cream. mwahaha.

gchat. enough said.

talking on the phone for almost two hours with lauren and having it feel like we're hanging out. and she's right next to me in bed. a girl can dream right!?


my wednesdays only routine of buying a 36 cent dognut at safeway. fuck yeah.

Being thoroughly and consistently engaged and impressed by this woman and this man, as oped writers for the NYTimes. Well Done. Snap Snap.

watching a 12 year old boy completely solve a rubics cube on the bus. who says the bus is just a bum wagon!?

finally having the lung capacity to handle the gym after 5 days of coughing up my black lung

knowing that soon my little sister will get to have the same amazing highschool experience that I did. And reveling in the fact that she too will have to sing and clap to the hazing ritual that is thunderation.

rediscovering the genius of Beck and blasting this song every change I get.

episodes of brothers and sisters online. politics and family and hot men. yes please.

getting tiny moments of pleasure out of ordering things on staples with someone else's money

the "ask claire if she wants these leftovers" mentality at work. and having that mantra spill over into some unwanted shelves from a faculty office that almost look like they could be on display at anthropologie. they're so pretty!

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