Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It was like anti-karma. With a KICK.

People have always said that the stars are aligned for me. And I agree. Sometimes things just happen to me, that are so completely awesome, out of nowhere, and unearned. I am very grateful for these occurrences, and am always pleasantly reminded of such when they do happen. What I didnt expect this time, were the repercussions....

MONDAY: amazing offer (now, being wed, its almost void, but thats beside the point) to housesit for a college mentor professor, with a little bit of adolescent nudging on the side (note: I know these people, he was my project advisor, and I traveled with them on summer study abroad summer 06 etc etc), and most importantly – am getting paid mucho! Possibly even enough to pay for August trip to my program in South Africa, which I previously didn’t think I could afford.

(also worthy of a shout out was the very catholic deans banquet after work, and what catholic gathering would be complete without a free open bar. white wine. check!)

TUESDAY: the “lets fuck with Claire” campaign begins

Am late waking up, probably because I spent half the night kicking the cat, who meows like a dying baby, out of my room

Hair has incredibly bad day, put product on so I can attempt to leave it “curly”, which ends in me giving up, blow drying it and putting it up into a greasy ball of a ponytail. Fuck that!

Run and sweat to the bus station where my bus DOESN’T COME. Making me later for work (and of course making all my rushing and non-lunch making totally a waste!), also leaving me standing in the rain longer while the ring of water slowly rises up my pant leg. More silent FUCKS.

Show up and run to three different campus classrooms looking for the class I’m supposed to present in. finally find it, and give an out of breath presentation. Embarassing.

Return to my desk, to a ton of shit that needs to be done, and of course run into problem in the test scanner room. We have a mutually spiteful relationship so I wasnt surpised, but still.

A few minutes later, think “hmmm something kind of smells"....realize minutes later that it’s MY zip up that IM WEARING. The roommates cat (see above crimes) PEED ON IT....almost scream out loud WHY ME. WHY ME WHY ME.

Proceed to cry in the bathroom.

Acknowledge that bad mood is not going to let up. Get more coffee.

More swearing under my breath as annoying students beg for things I can’t do for them. Go talk to your professor. I am not your mom.

More crying. This time in front of my boss and the deans assistant. ALL. BEFORE. NOON.

Apparently this is what I get. Stars needing to balance out their fortune scale. But please tell me why it has to include CAT PEE?

(*NOTE: all of this has been figured out as sadly cliche yet very real pmsing yet was still worth a woe is me blog)

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