Thursday, January 10, 2008


Every since I can remember, our family watched Tom Brokaw on NBC Nightly News regularly. His voice makes me feel 6 years old and watching Clinton win the presidency. He was like God. He even had the voice down! He is the only newscaster (or tv journalist if you're trying to be pc) that makes me nostalgic. We even saw him once, driving down interlaken in seattle, and my mother and I proceeded to point and scream with all of our might "that was tom brokaw! we just saw tom brokaw!". And don't deny that you sang along to the NBC nightly news jingle. So considering how formative and memorable his nightly newstalks were to me, I was suprised how funny this was to me. A man I once considered even more serious and wordly than my own father, has his bad days too.

Dun dun da da ddun dun dunnnnnn.

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Lauren said...

way to go title, way to go.