Sunday, February 10, 2008

check it out - you heard it here first- edition 1

after growing up on rolling stone magazine and the mountain (shoutout seattle and my other like minded radio folks), admittedly with a dash of backstreet and boys to men, i fancy myself somewhat obsessed with music, popular or not, and other sorts of indie type media. evident by the constant emails in my inbox from myself, reminding myself to look up certain bands, or songs, or "that one lyric that i heard while watching that one episode of weeds or big love". so i research it online and obsess over it. although rarely do i buy the songs on itunes or the cd. its a silly cycle. so in order to keep a record of my ongoing mental sticky note of music and sometimes tv series or songs or interesting pop culture tidbits, i am going to start listing them here. nothing fancy and of course not the end all be all. but, i think, worthy of passing along. do enjoy. my sanity sure will.

1. I JUST HEARD......theres going to be a new counting crows album....OMIGOD. breathe. and go download the two new songs free on their website. tour anyone? im there.

2. ben harper video - better way - i keep coming back to this song whenever my socialist activist wannabe personality comes out, which - to be honest, is more often than people know! the song never ceases to inspire me. Plus is he a GOD or what?! Le sigh.

3. I have discovered this silly little semi homemade "tv - esque" series. by the same people who thought up my so called life (so, right there, is some major cred). apparently it starts on nbc soon. anyways, im addicted. its part blogging part home video. its fantastic. Check it out. It's called Quarterlife. All in all, its entertaining and i found it on myspace. Go figure. And it features some of my favorite people, floppy haired boys. What what!

4. Rogue Wave. I cannot. get. over. this. band. They're in portlanad tonight. I am not there. Mainly because I didnt have anyone to go with (ahem ali ahem), but also cause im trying to cut down on spending. Although it was only 9 dollars and 47 cents. thanks to alternative portland radio station! but DAMNIT i am not there. their song chicago x12, has been looping in my head all day. all freaking day. i think they're going to be big someday. a la coldplay status. no joke. and in order to get you into more than one song, i'll let you google the one i mentioned above, and leave you with this one.

5. Samantha Tobey. Beautiful voice. Is so new I cant even find her on youtube. shocking i know. A little bit ofo sheryl crow and jewel and chrissy hynde. just add milk. a great way to wake up.


Lauren said...

i know (through the internet) the writer of quarterlife. Cool, eh?

*********************** said...

Yay, I really want to watch Quarterlife and I wish Rogue Wave came another weekend AND I heard the Counting Crows song on the radio last week- it was great. Black Crows has a new song too.