Monday, February 18, 2008

Lauren and Claire and PDX oh my

So we just dropped Lauren off at the airport and to be honest, I'm slightly exhausted! :) It takes a lot of me to have SO MUCH FUN with my bestie. We can constantly entertain outselves with oodles of people watching, crap eating, soco and lime drinking, and flirting. Not with eachother of course...with well seduced boys, that come flocking to us. That's right. Holla. We began the weekend with a night of much earned revelry at my favoritist bar in the entire world, Kel's. Pictures to come. And I learned that apparently I wasnt fooling anyone when I used to go there back in the day with the trusty fake. Oops. I bet you wish you had been there. But not for the part that included losing my keys, climbing through the window, and breaking a lamp that isnt yours. Luckily we were able to laugh through the whole thing and not cut our hands as we drunkly and stupidly clean up glass in our stocking feet.

Next day was a matinee, where we had to peel ourselves away from the candy display because of Lenten promises. Harder than it seems. And who doesnt love a dance movie, even when you only go for the dancing and the music? A well spent 8 bucks. Reeboks with the strap, with the strap!

Then my well planned dinner party started off well, and really only got better. There was way more food than I expected, I was able to spend lovely and intent time with those I love the most, and have a really special open mic time. I am surrounded by some really talented and interesting people and putting us all in one room is entertaining and proves to also be a mini holynames reunion.

Sunday was a lazy day of long walks, girl talk, brunch, and Reiki. It was far more spiritual than I thought it would be, but also very calming physically for me. Kind of like guided meditation, laying on of the hands, and affirmation therapy. Good combo if you ask me.

AND finally, Lauren cannot come to portland and not have me show her around Northwest PDX. It just can't happen. So we did some major boutique-ing today with lunch and chat time with an in town Tricia. I'm pretty sure we entertained a coffee shop with simply our conversation for over an hour. Yeah, we're that good.

and the best part of the weekend is............we've decided....


Enough. said.

And hey, Lauren Sawtelle, yeah you.....thank you for coming to portland!! oh and the Universe says hi too!

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Lauren said...

ahhh hahahah!! TOTALLY AWESOME. God I love us. It was SO AWESOME. I'm so glad I came, im so glad kathleen and tricia were there, im so glad we got to do nearly every single thing on our to do list. woooot.