Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A threat to us all

The Cold War Threat to the Navajo

Read the above article. It will make you squirm.

Who are we as a nation if we cant take care of ourselves? Of our own? If we cant realize what we’ve done and fix it. If this was happening in lake Oswego or in Bellevue, there would be uproar. In all reality, it would never get this bad, it would NEVER ever EVER. And that’s the sadest part. That we care more about some people over other people. We say we’re all equal. We say we respect all citizens. But we don’t. and that’s that. Is it giving in to pessimism, to say I don’t think it will ever change? Is it too big of a hurdle to overcome? Are humans doomed to treat eachother this way? All the while ignoring all the noble philosophizing and prophesizing we do against it? I am really not sure. We have these great moments, the civil rights movement, the clean air and water act, public schools, etc etc; but in the end, we don’t follow through. We constantly disappoint ourselves and the people we pledge ourselves to care for. And the government wants us to be patriotic in the face of all this. Wants us to stand up and blindly follow its “wise choices”. Bush has the audacity to give us a little chuckle, a little “I cant believe you’re asking me that” laugh, as if we cant see right through him. And instead, he ups the spending on the war and ups the spending on weapons. All to do what? Give that great ‘dedication’ that we have for ourselves, that we call democracy, to other people? Some people ask me why I get so aggravated, so ‘up in arms’ over this stuff. And I just look at them and think “just wait until your kids are playing in a contaminated waterhole and then get back to me on that…….”.

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