Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Mini Portland Christmas!

These past two or so days have felt almost exactly like Christmas. Friday, it started with the arrival of gargantouan and long awaited packages from my mother. Two large boxes of things that (because of added christmas presents and my general tendency to pack like I'll never return) I couldn't travel back with on the train due to silly little things known as suitcase weight limits. It was a gleeful unwrapping of things I had almost forgotten were actually mine. Two sweaters that I love, my xmas gift set of amazing plush towels, my rain jacket, my uggs, and most importantly - my new coffee maker. All mine! And it was lovingly topped off with some much needed mama lovin - frilly pink sweater and glove set, and I bet you would love to know what's in that white envelope! You probably guessed right :)

And it continued saturday by SNOWING. And I dont mean "snowing overnight and leaving some on your lawn that's going to melt by lunch", oh no no! It was the real deal! Snowing for several hours, and sticking! It was magical and beautiful and I am extremely grateful for the day of CHILL that ensued, perfectly fit for a snow day. Complete with a walk in the falling snow with Ali Brown, even though it was "like a 7-eleven slushi machine in my SHOES!" according to her. And who knew that the extended commercials in movies on TV trying to make them fit into two hours could actually be great, allowing us to GAB like we usually do and not miss too much of the movies, despite having seen then before.

And the bizarre holiday like feeling continues! My phone has not been working since yesterday. Extremely annoying. Yet creating this weird feeling of being on vacation, or home sick from work, or just in general being really really out of it. As the IT man said on friday during the millionth "why doesnt this mic work and how come theres awful feedback" fiasco at work.... "I am one with the chaos"......

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*********************** said...

Yay for the snow- wish it was still here.
Stupid phone! Is it working yet?
I didn't make it to the gym at 6 this morning- I was exhausted. So, I'm going tonight after work. Hopefully around 7:15 if you want to come.