Thursday, February 7, 2008

Volume 1: Overheard on the Nursing Floor

I spend a lot of my time in two places at work, the main office and the simulation lab, which happen to be down the hall from one another. So there is a lot of walking back and forth involved. Not only does it allow me to take quick little peeks at the cute boys I have dubbed as my entertainment for the semester (theres cute boy monday/tues and theres cute boy mon/wed/fri), but it also involves hearing little tidbits of whatever lecture for whatever class is going on at that exact moment (mainly nursing, but theres a sprinkling of others). It is endlessly amusing! I have begun to write them down, since they are just too good to just share with my coworkers, and thought it would be a good blog series to maintain. Here goes!

“of course, then the pure blood must be shed”

“and the next kind of sweat gland is the American sweat gland”

“I swallow all my gum thank you very much! Yeah, ever since I was a kid, I just swallowed 7 in that class alone!”

“they squished all these poor chapters, those poor old testament folks, into a tiny tiny space, God told me Joshua was not happy about that”

"you must pee after coitus ladies, or you'll be in here with a UTI and some cute male nurse will have to inspect you, if you know what I mean"


Lauren said...

that last one is absolutely my favorite EVER. Very Mrs. Hall ya know?! haha

Claire said...

COMPLETELY ms hall! ahahahaha oh ms hall. rise and run, rise and run!

*********************** said...

Oh my, I love sneaking bits of convos. I love the gum one. it sounds like it was taken straight from Gilmore Girls, probably out of Kirk's mouth, haha

Claire said...

It DOES sound like Kirk! Haha and funny thing is, it WAS a guy, he was actually our year in undergrad (an annoying rotc guy), and now he's back to be a nurse! I cracked up!