Wednesday, February 20, 2008

dance classes: near the top of my lifelong to do list

I want to take dance classes. I used to dance a ton in my younger years, insert cheesy dance tapdance routine with sparkly hat home video here, yet I have been googling for weeks now and can't find anything that looks beginner enough for me because of the elapsed time. Plus I really just want a buddy to go with, at least at first. I've done extensive searches of the dance studios in portland and nothing seems quite right or is explained well enough to try out. Any ideas? Maybe I should just close my eyes and pick one and try it. What exactly do I have to lose? just an hour of my time and my pride I guess. But the latter should be discarded as often as possibly anyways, so why the heck not! Now the question is, lyrical or tap or jazz or ballet? I really want to try lyrical, since I've never done it before and it just feels different enough to interest me. Ahh decisions. And I'm requiring all those of you who read my blog, probably all 6 of you, to poke me and prod me to do this. Remind me that its worth it, or even say you'll join me!


*********************** said...

First of all, you have to do this because you always talk about it. And, I heard from "Johnny" because he and I are such good friends, that he prefers women who can not onlly say anything, but who can dance. So, despite the vast age difference, you might be able to land him if you take this class.
Also, if you want a buddy... I'm volunteering because it's been on my mind a lot lately too.

numnums said...

check out your local YMCA!!!!! i'm such a huge supporter of the ymca, especially since they write my paycheck every week (ha). anyways here's a link to their dance classes in your area:

In general the YMCA has great beginner classes and the classes are small enough that they aren't intimidating.

i wish i could go with you. : (