Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stepping inside my mind's eye for a minute

I feel like there's a lot of movement in my life. things are happening. And after feeling for a long while that I've been deep in a lull (not a negative lull, just a plain ole lull), I'm really happy to report that theres lots of cliche internal stuff going on, as well as the perspective of my mind's eye really being able to see the movement thats going to be happen very soon. Sometimes just the stuff thats going on this weekend and other times, its stuff that won't be happening untill next winter. Despite the patience required, I am so so ready to be READY for these things to happen. Anticipation anxiety is definitely not fun, not for anyone, but especially stupid considering my "anxious tummy girl" title, and despite there being a little bit of that regarding a certain boy in my life, I am genuinely NOT having any of that scary tummy shit. And I am extremely grateful. And as a recent girlfriend just pointed out on a all day shopping extravaganza, it really is about being gracious and ready for all the things that you're thrown. So bring it on! And the idea of "Minds eye" never ceases to fascinate me, and has been the topic of discussion many times in the past few weeks, so.... I leave you with this song by Missy Higgins, who I have the priveledge to see LIVE tonight. Holla!

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