Friday, June 13, 2008

Birthday Weekend Pre-Jitter

Phew. I have finally gotten most of my "check this out energy" onto this blog. Sorry you had to endure all the music vomit lately, but I am back, live and in person! So the weekend is filled with some pretty fun activities (thanks Ali!), some much needed pampering at a salon, and seattle visitors! I'm a little worried about the hair appointment though, which I was excited about I could pee my pants, but its now becoming less appealing because a thorough review of the comments on citysearch find it to be not so great. And its not just a sprinkling of bad reviews, it's MOSTLY bad reviews, so please cross your fingers :) But regardless of the fact that I could be wearing hats for about two months following saturday, I am so incredibly happy to be going into this weekend of fun. I do wish I could have certain people in town to celebrate with me, but a dessert and drinks outing on saturday, a hike, brunch with family, and hopefully much more laughter and picture taking :) will fill my time and I will post all the crazy good times at some point next week :)

While you're waiting for my updates, patiently yet eagerly I'm sure - please check out Lauren and Ali's blogs. Lauren is documenting her solo trip through Paris and Ali has just finished her first year of subbing and has some gems of wisdom from that experience. I know, I have amazing friends and sometimes I wonder why they put up with me!?



AB said...

Don;t worry too much about the place. Remember, there are some snotty people in Portland and there are so many great places in Portland that the bar is set pretty high.

Lauren said...

because you have great boobs.