Monday, June 9, 2008

You heard it here first, Edition 4, Volume II

And it continues...le sigh....

1. Everyone remembers that lovely but overplayed "now I'll go to Bosstoooon" song from awhile back. It was fun, poppy, and that perfect balance of melancholy and beautiful. Well Augustana is back with another sweet song. Sweet and Low, to be exact. It's suprisingly better, similarly comforting in its 'manufactured sounding', but its awesome. So booyah. (Although my father would dissaprove, his recipe for a silly pop song is one that goes into its chorus within less than 30 seconds - and this one definitely falls into that category).

2.O.M.G. Cute boy slightly acoustic soul-pop. My weakness. My ultimate 'I will never grow out of this'. It's so clean and sincere and innocent. Well, Jason Mraz falls into this group and borders on vulgarity sometimes, but thats a story for another time. So, his name is Matt Duke. He's amazing. And cute. So there. Try "Sex and Reruns" and "I've got atrophy on the brain".

3. Sia is an artist that I found threw the weird self torture that persists when I can't rip myself away from A&E's documentary-esque show titled, and is pretty self explanatory as, Intervention. Her style is ecclectic, a little bit Annie Lennox, a little bit Jewel, and a little bit just plain awesome. The most chill, and haunting, of her songs is Breathe Me.

4. About a year ago now, I was rocking out to their alternative sound, but for some reason have not revisited them untill I was reminded of them by alternative portland radio. (Thank you KNRK for your ever revealing wisdom. I am dying a little bit inside each morning when I don't get to listen to Gustav and the Jon Stewart minutes. That was the only good thing about that house, the huge stereo that blared as a I got ready naked and alone). Ok, focus, the band. My Morning Jacket. One of my fav is Run Thru (a little bit trippy, not gonna lie), but others of late are "Touch me, I'm going to Scream" as currently being played on the best station in portland, right ali?

5. Some of my music is so far back in my emails, I don't even remember where I found it, those are kinda the most fun to research or share. This one is Esthero, apparently been around a long time, but her/their song "Never gonna let you go" makes me really really wish that 'my' ipod could have withstanded my several drops so I could still see the face and actually still put my music on it. And the more I listen to it, the more I just want to dance around for hours in my newly 'acquired' soft as hell holynames sweats. Holllah.

7. And a giant shoutout to the new music by Coldplay (what I wouldn't give to be able to write music like you can) and some of my "I haven't had the time that your greatness requires, to listen and appreciate" groups such as the new Radiohead, Weezer, Counting Crows, Jewel (doing that country soul thing she does so well) and the Kooks. They all have new or soon to be released stuff. I am ashamed. I'll leave it at that.


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