Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to appear put together when you're really not

So, I tend to be slightly disorganized yet keenly aware of whats going all times. It's my plight. My ever-lasting sitaution that I have learned to embrace. And over the past few weeks I have also been making a mental note on how to avoid actually looking that way. Cause in reality, even though it tends not to show, there is a lot going on up there! I swear! But sometimes it doesnt translate into finding my keys or remembering that one movie....and other socially 'important at the moment' type things. So, this list might only apply to me, but I find these tips helpful and have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only one hiding their crazieness.

1. Make these, and throw a few on some ice-cream, if you have guests over and people will be talking about it for the rest of the night. And they keep! It's the small things folks, and Pioneer Woman knows how to rock them.

2. For girls: Make sure to have a 'carry all' type purse that looks good with a dress up outfit and a sweatshirt! Such as the target version of this.

3. At work: Always keep your thumb on the Alt button and your middle finger on the Tab button so that you can quickly switch back to your excell sheet or outlook inbox from whatever you're not supposed to be reading or doing online. And don't take this the gross way, I'm only suggesting that People or CNN or gasp PerezHilton not be up on your screen. But yeah, try it. Hold Alt, then click tab. It's magic.

4. If you're a 9-5er like me or even volunteering or whatever else that involves office type work, carry a nice olf fashioned wooden clip board around. They make you feel amazing, and they're only 97 cents. 97 cents people!

5. Mascara and lip gloss. Easy peasy.

6. Keep your public transit "tracker" phone number in your cell phone. Even if you don't take public transportation, it is a good resource for keeping up on construction going on in your city that could hinder your commute or attempt to get to happy hour, major delays, checking on intersection locations, one way streets, events going on in your city, how to find a bus you need if your car breaks down, or traffic. Tri-Met is one of my-favs on my cell, but I'm just a freak like that.

7. Take notes. Always. Meetings. Events. Interviews. Even if you're on the phone with your best friend and forgot to mention something to them or a reminder to look something up that we're trying to do in Vegas, write yourself a note, keep a sticky note pad on your nightstand, cause God knows you'll forget 23 and half minutes later. And by you, of course I mean me.

8. Wear sunglasses when it's sunny. Simply as that. Go by a 10 dollar target pair, a pair of 'bug eye' shades if you're feeling trendy, and not only will you deter the line forming between your eyebrows, but you won't look confused! Recently, if I forget my sunglasses or just forget for a few moments after leaving new seasons to get them off my head and put them on my face, have been wincing in pain and confusion as to why...a) i cant see anything and ....b)people are starting to stare at my surely unattractive scrunching of the face. And it also proves extremel effective when you're sitting at the bus stop on the way to work, getting in a little "i can't read on the bus cause i'll puke like im 7 years old and on a roadtrip" reading, that no one will notice you cry. Damn books. They get me every time. But my sunglasses keep others from knowing.


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you're amazing.