Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If you're armed, you can't hug

There is a huge "anti-China" sentiment in our country currently. Everyone is talking about how we're not keeping up with the Chinese, and how we're in debt to them, and how they make everything now, and blah blah blah. I have my own personal opinion about China, which I will refrain from explaining, but the whole thing really seems to me more of a ego issue for our government than anything else. Because, we're American, we can't possibly not be the most powerful country in the world, eek, help, not fair! Despite all the whining and the fear and the stupidity, on the part of the government, the general public, and media, our government has no problem being involved in arms dealership with them in the middle east. No problem at all. Cause apparently that whole 'foe' factor doesnt really come into play when we're dealing with money and guns and continued unrest in the middle east. No worries, we can overlook the fact that we trash talk them all the time and make sure we get our money and of course fulfill our "protection" responsibilites in the middle east. And they really just don't care that these kinds of things keep happening, which in the end only makes the US seem more sleezy. Even if these 'allegations' don't turn out to be true, or somehow the US officials involved somehow are safeguarded by the administration (oops I mean 'exonerated'), they have still managed to do just that, create more scum that is getting harder and harder for our country to wash off. Way to go Bush. When will they learn?


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Claire said...

i really hope that this was taken with the healthy side of sarcasm that i thought i delivered it with. just fyi.