Thursday, June 5, 2008

Other things I need to place somewhere

The tangible power of being extremely tall (excentuated by heels), mostly blonde and redheaded, and for the most part good looking - is beyond avoidable. The attention we get when we migrate in groups of such nature is extremely interesting to watch unfold. To see the thoughts splash across their faces as they notice what can't help but be noticed. They check for heels, they check for others, as if to see where these giants are coming from, its rather hilarious. But mainly its our ridiculousness, sometimes loud and abrasive and so very there, but also (hopefully?) endearing. It gets me every time.

Body language on the bus. I could watch people all. day. long.

How sad (in its rarity and ability to excite) yet nice it is to get a compliment from my grandmother. Even if it is about my complexion (ha, I know, righ?), when all I really want is for her to stop telling me I'm going to get Elephantitis in South Africa. Thank you grandpa for standing up for me (and for South Africa), even if your attempt at positive input was drowned out by the time it reached us in the backseat of your oldsmobile. Why must she be so difficult to plug into? And hey grandpa, where did your awesome pimped out truck go? Don't tell me you traded it back in for this old person car.

Sue Taylor has the ability to look at me and know exactly what I am thinking. To have her so 'in your face support' is breathtaking and confirms that what is going on up there is not totally crazy. She uses her pointer finger a grab of the forearm to tell you how much she adores you. I am lucky to get a much coveted reference letter. And when her baby boy is graduating from highschool, one who I witnessed as the most sensitive and intelligent boy throughout all of his years in 'my family' and his bumpy ride through the much too white seattle prep highschool, the only appropriate thing to do is stand up and scream for him. That's how we roll. Thank you to Benaroya Hall for your lovely acoustics, we couldn't have done it without you. Goodluck at Hampton Bennett!

The so very bizarre-ness of my family's comfort with nakedness. Walking around the house in pajama bottoms and bras, or completely naked except for a clutched towel after showers, without a thought. Stripping down right there and then to try on an outfit and requesting a fasion consultation while being in the midst of a telephone call, just inches away from being in plain view of the kitchen windows of the family next door. We bare all, for better or for the worse. It gives me hope, to see that comfort, and good God does it make me laugh. If the neighbors only knew.

*That is all that needed to be spewed out. Many of them are unfinished thoughts and maybe not understandable to everyone, but all have been swimming around.

PS: A few days with cable and ready to use internet has fueled my list of "you must check these out" musicians and songs, so please ready yourself for another edition of my beloved (probably only to me) music blog. It is either going to be massive or split into many blogs. It will offset the dark and rather too personal blogs of late.


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