Sunday, June 8, 2008

You heard it here first, Edition 4, Volume 1

Wow. So I thought it hadn't been that long since I last posted one of these oh so important music review thingies that I work so hard on, but then I looked at the last one and it was over 2 months ago! Sheesh, not only have I been denying all of my lovely readers (I got a hit from Estonia and the US Virgin Islands in the past few days - how random) but I have also let my emails to myself, at work - that i then drag into my personal folder with all sorts of 'look into this' reminders whenever I think of someone or some song, get really really long. So I have decided to split my suggestions into three volumes. So here we go. I am bursting with excitement over several of these and feel that the collection as a whole is very diverse and summer-playlist ready. Enjoy.

1. Ok. First, is the new Janet Jackson. Called Feedback. Enough Said. I love it. It makes me want to run faster. Thank you Janet. And I wouldn't mind if she remixed it with Missy Elliot. I'm just sayin.

2. I have a small place in my heart for old rockers. Older guys who keep rocking, even though they have families and probably don't sell as many albums, and they just do it cause they love it, and they do it right. Busch frontman, hello Mr. Gavin Rossdale (aka mr gwen stefani), has a new album and he definitely holds his own. It's all about respecting your elders.

3. This next one is pretty silly, but oh so hilarious and catchy - pure pop bliss. And I want her style. At least some of it.

dedicated to sarah davidson :)

4. Everything that comes out of rockafella records seems to be fabulous right now, think Jay-Z, Kanye, John Legend, so its no wonder that this Motown throwback girl is rockin it. It's a fun summer, catchy song that has me smiling about America. One of my rare patriotic moments.

American Boy - Estelle

5. Originally done by one of my favorite singer/songwriters - Joseph Arthur, this song called "In the Sun" has been covered by many people throughout the nineties and up untill today. This version has REM, Chris Martin, and was done for a benefit concert/album for Katrina. It reminds me of those people/bands combined, throw in a little U2, and a sprinkling of tear-jerking. The joseph arthur version is a little bit more haunting, but this one is excellent as well (plus I just love Michael Stipes voice).

6. Her album "under rug swept" is one of my favorite overall albusm of all time, so when I heard this song, I was completely brought back to my sophmore year of college, with my jacque, on the third floor of mehling, with that album always in our stereo. Literally. that album, one by gavin degraw, and one by OAR. that was a great year for music in our room. Her new one is called "Underneath". I never get tired of her brilliance. I don't want to overwhelm this blog with videos, so I will let all you go find this on youtube. The video is a little weird, but good-weird.

7. Thank you jesus for VH1, I found this gem of a song, with a suprisingly fun video, over break at my mothers house. Its called chasing pavements, by Adele. Part of the new british invasion into pop music. But she's my favorite so far. More authentic than the others I think. But thats jusy my humble opinion. Enjoy.

8. I tip my hat to Hanley, one of my like minded music friends, for reccomending this group in her "music edification" blog. Thank you Hanley Helen. The New Pornogrpahers. Wooot. Its called 'Sing my Spanish Techno'.

More (Vol 2) to come on my lunch break tomorrow. Off for my second run of the day, ten minute runs, mind you, but I'm getting back into it, slooowwly but surely, so I can do THIS in september with Curly. I can't wait for her to get back from her year in Germany!

ps: Guess what's in one week? :)


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Hanley Mead said...

haha i love you. you're amazing. (i got a hit from moscow city, russia. so, yeah, what?)