Friday, June 20, 2008

Why I love Maris Jean Jager

I just recieved the meanest email I have ever recieved from a family member. In response to me sharing my soon to be reality dream of going to Africa and volunteering, I was responded to with judgement and not one ounce of joy. High horse preaching followed, with a ever-present dash of 'youre not as enlightened as me cause I went to rehab and I'm going to share my recovery with you' bullshit. And the one person, who can probably most relate to this crap, Maris Jean Jager, is the reason for this self-centered woe is me yet 'dont i have the best friends ever' blog. She responded with just the right amount of anger, support, and a fabulous ending setence....

"and if he cant see that, then he should go bask in his privileged upbringing and self-centered existence a little more. He doesn't know anythin"

I am shocked. In a good way. Feeling out of breath by how amazing and quick to action she was, and all my friends are, in their efforts to back me up. To us. Clink. So hopefully that cross-america cheers will help me wake myself from the fog that this black cloud, which decended so rapidly and forcefully, has already placed over my day.



marisjager said...

i love you :) and wish i could smack him upside the head for you, but will just settle for verbal abuse :)

Lauren said...

that is so sweet claire. :) Out of adversity come the AWESOME WOMEN OF US. dun dun dun!! I call the club... who wants the trident?

AB said...

bad asses.