Monday, June 9, 2008

These. Kids. ROCK.

this deserved its own post. It's amazing. And i'm well aware that I use that word alot, but I really really mean it this time.......Recently I have rediscovered some of those beautiful female singers of the nineties, think Alanis, Shawn Colvin, Paula Cole, Tracy Chapman, and came across this cover of a Tori Amos song "Flying Dutchman" by a youth choir in new york city. This one is for my "mr holland opus" loving teacher of a roomate. :) these kids sing like nothing else. It's shockingly beautiful. Hahaha and check out the girl in tye-dye, a born performer :)


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AB said...

Haha, I do love Mr. Holland's Opus. I tried to watch this last night, but the stupid thing kept buffering. Anyway, I finally saw it today and my fav part was watching all the kids' faces. I love the really intense, squinty eyes and the swaying of the heads- priceless.