Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Actually, umm nope, no explanation

Hilarious-dorky-bear of a college friend Isaac and mine's conversation yesterday on gmail during one of my 5 minute breaks from the lab.........

Isaac: so wow the sideboob
Me: I know! I had to detagg myself, cause i have to keep it kosher for coworkers sake, but Im totlaly not ashamed
Isaac: you shouldnt be
Me: I'm not! My boobs are awesome
Isaac: wait, you're not Jewish
Me: But I would love to be, I love Jewish-ness
Isaac: you could convert
me: apparently its really hard to convert, plus jesus was pretty badass
Isaac: true, jesus ftw
me: oooh is this some cool new acronym that i am unaware of?
Isaac: for the win, its from hollywood squares, but its used online a bunch among the gamers as like a rallying cry etc, look it up on wikipedia
Me: hmmm will do, ps: you're a dork
Isaac: Here's a link, its used both genuinely and sarcastically, kinda like "oh snap"
me: oh sac, what would i do without you
Isaac: die of herpes? i dunno, build a car completely powered by peanuts?
me: probably the herpes, cause im pretty sure i couldnt build a car without a man
Isaac: lol
me: yep, i said it
Isaac: says the feminist
me: feminist claire, right, but its true, for me at least
Isaac: if anyone could figure out how to die from herpes it would be u, its pretty non-fatal isnt it, just really annoying? and lifelong
me: hahaha, yes, its just a chronic thing
Isaac: or a tragic hairdrier accident
Me: OH MAN my hairdryer, its melting, is a story in itself
Isaac: btw, seen batman yet?
Me: no i havent seen it yet, but im thinking about it....mainly just cause heath is in it, although I'm not a big comicbook reader/obsessor
Isaac: basically most amazingness ever, alex pooed himself watching it twice, cause basically the joker is alex's role model
Me: hahahaha, or maybe three times and you didnt notice
Isaac: quite possibly



Lauren said...

you seriously detagged yourself from that picture? im actually really disappointed by that... it was like, a speck of bra...

Claire said...

why are you dissapointed? I love the picture, but i have maria's friend and my coworkers and family and stuff on here and i just wanted to keep my bra and my boob from showing up when they look at my pictures, thats all.....

Hanley Mead said...

you're too cute.

i totally saw in bruges in theatres with my dad and eric and then i just saw it again TONIGHT. crazy, right? great minds think alike. anyways, that's why we're going to bruges. i'm not even kidding. my dad and i liked the movie so much we actually included it in our trip. yeah, we're awesome, i know.

what's weird is i was going to blog about the movie tomorrow. you beat me to the punch! <3

Lauren said...
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