Monday, July 14, 2008

I need to know!

Ok, so for several days I have numerous (weirdly unconnected) conversations about whether the correct term for what can also be called an "oxford shirt" is "button up" or "button down" shirt. I have always thought it was "button up" and constantly refer to that certain color blue of a button up shirt that men tend to wear, which can totally and completley drive me nuts. No. lie. Girls, I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about. Ok, so the conversation at work was prompted by the cute (possibly a firefighter) that was teaching a CPR class for our students. Umm, I would so be the first one with my hand up for volunteering. You can recuscitate me anytime :) Ok, I digress..... Furthering the confusion is that I have heard they are seperate terms used to refer to whether its a guy or a girl wearing said shirt. Some people also say "button down" refers to those that have buttons that secure the collar down. Oh the chaos! The upheaval! So many opinions! And I have yet to be satisfied with anyone's answer (regardless of the fact that its probably because it doens't match mine :) and so I ask you, all of my five readers, for your opinon. So tell me what you think!



Hanley Mead said...

according to american heritage a button down is: Having the ends of the collar fastened down by buttons: a button-down shirt.

When i first read your post I was convinced I always said button-up but now i'm not so sure.

actually the more i look on google the more it seems that button-down refers to those shirts which require the collar to be buttoned down (typically a men's fashion) and a button-up is simply a shirt with buttons.

but thanks, now my head hurts

AB said...

Hanley's comment in her second paragraph seems to echo what I normally say- whether that is right or wrong is unknown and useless. As I said, I always say, "Why does that guy have to look so hot in his button down shirt and jeans?" or sometimes I even say collared shirt. Where as when referring to a women fashion I say, "I need to get some new button up shirts for work." Weird. How did I decide to distinguish them like that?