Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boys are weird

Dear Cute Boy

Please stop torturing me. I asked you out, yes I actually put myself out there and did the adult thing. Because you seem so awesome, and I thought there was something there, mainly because we kept having moments and mini-conversations in the hall where we couldnt stop smiling. And people noticed. And remember orientation, yeah, you leaned back in your chair to look at me behind the pillar three times for god's sake. So, because I gave you an easy way to ask me out 'back', then why have you failed to do so, yet have continued to flirt with me? It's infuriating. Either be an aloof asshole and ignore me, or ask me to coffee. It's simple. It really is. Stop trying to get my attention over the damn cube wall (not to mention through an entire set of blinds and through a window) when I'm not even looking, and there really isnt any need for you to stop by my desk at the front of the classroom after an evaluation and have a full on conversation with me about 'how I am doing'. You have full permission to ignore me, it would be so much easier if you did. And most importantly, stop smiling at me. Because your cuteness is so freaking me out. I have little mini excitedness-attacks whenever these things happen. Luckily my cube is hidden and I can be crazy alone, but I really don't need to be wasting my time on these things when you are consistently a tease. So stop flirting, stop looking, and stop smiling. And let me get back to convincing myself that "you're just not that into me".



ps: If you're gay, please let me know.



AB said...

I would die a fabulous death if he some how read this.

Claire said...






and you would see me in heaven because i would die INSTANTLY :)