Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Truth, for the low price of two payments of 35 dollars!

The RAND Corporation and an Army group put together two reports on how the planning and execution of the war happeneing, what didn't work, what we were not prepared for, and all the details that are constantly speculated upon by the media, congress, and the American public. And instead of speculation, you can get the real facts. That first report, by the RAND Corporation (a federally financed center that conducts research for the military), is called "After Saddam: Prewar Planning and the Occupation of Iraq" and the second one, compiled by the Army Combined Arms Center is called "On Point II: Transition to the New Campaign". Its tangible and out there. So get educated. And know, democrat or republican, what you're talking about.


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Hanley Mead said...

did you read about karl rove's stone-walling?

annnnd. there aren't any jobs at northland, that I know of, for the winter. The place slows to a crawl after summer especially with gas prices the way they are. You'd hate it here, it's really catty.