Monday, July 28, 2008

Triviality: Hymp Day Blues - Formerly!

Note: I originally wrote this blog the middle of last week. And by that I mean "to distract myself from the hell which was the last two weeks". I'm just being real. So take this with a grain of salt, and do not fret, because I am doing just fine now thank you. Full of a free 'dean search' luncheon and wedding dress oohing and awwing with an engaged coworker.

Work sucks lately. I have been going nonstop, not had a lot of time at my desk (aka fun coworker distractions, email, coffee, and pandora softrock), a lot of mornings starting at 730 and some evenings not ending till 5. And I don't even want to talk about my late days this week. My favorite use of vulgarity is appropriate here.... Fuck Me! So..... (thanks to shop it to me and other random online sale 'rack' searching) I have put together a list of "if only it even existed, or I had a reason to buy this" list. It's silly, its stupid, and vain. But I can't help it. Shopping raises Seratonin. So all haters can just go.... oh whatever. Here are the goodies.

1. First and foremost, a "instant traveling machine" so i could never have to worry about saying goodbye to anyone, ever. Selfish, I know. but dont pretend like you dont want one too! :)

2. These shoes, which I found on 'sale mail' and instantly loved in a 80's revival sort of week that its been, and then today realized that they are Chippewa Shoes. One of the many Maris Jean Jager vibes I've been receiving from on high recently. The fact that we chose Bitch to sing at karoake on friday is evidence enough for a God since I was just asking Maris what we should choose via text. All hail the shopping version of ESP. Chippewa Pride. :) And don't worry, Maris is currently brainstorming about the Chippewa gang sign that should accompany those shoes.

3. If possible, that this wedding dress would never ever ever not exist, because I want it. That is all. Not a huge favor to ask from Mr. (or Mrs?) Alvina Valenta, right? But I must remind myself that a Spring 05 Collection dress will probably not be available when I get married. Especially considering I will probably not being doing that untill 2050.

4. Middle Sister Wine Company giving me a share of their earnings, or some stock, or realy.... just a few bottles, cause that would really be awesome. Considering how tried and true "middle sister" I am, they ought to be grateful for their practically free product advertisement. Jeez.

5. A few hundred dollars to be able to fly here

Notice the arrow: pointing near Richards Bay, and then to the left of that there is Empangeni!

and hang with these people and their babies!

6. One more hour in the day. Half of which I would dedicate to sleep. Just so I could manage to be the "at least 7 hours preferably 8" kind of sleep person that I truly am. And the second half to walking. An hour and a half of walking a day would be bliss. After an hour, I just kind of want a little bit more.

7. A mop that actually works. Cause it would be so so so much easier to mop my stupid linoleum kitchen floors that seem to never stay clean with an actual mop. Not one from the 1980's.


and just for shits and giggles, go check out this website. If only Nordstrom were interactive like this one!


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AB said...

Great blog! Print it out, burn it in a fire and let the remains travel to Mt. Olympus so Zeus can grant all your wishes. LOVE those shoes, checked out that wine- esp since we chatted about it last night and that wedding dress is YOUR dress. Is it bad juju to buy it now?? Haha