Monday, July 21, 2008

What is with all the Crazy lately?

So people have been crazy lately, not anyone I'm close to, but the number and severity of my 'what the hell' reactions are up from last month. Sometimes they are hilarious and not dramatic, like this man on the bus this morning (a grown ass business-man around the age of 35) who was listening to britney spears 'toxic' over and over again on his ipod, probably not realizing that it was loud enough for the entire bus to hear. And short of singing along to the awesomely high electronic rift parts as Maris and I mused would make it even better, it pretty much made my day, and helped me and my chicago friend get through our manic mondays. On the other hand, literally, since its in my phone, I have the ridiculous reaction from my "boss" after I gave her my two weeks notice (my part time job). I have ethical reasons for leaving this job, not to mention their filthy house and last minute requests for help, as well as logistical reasons (its incredibly hard to fit with my other regular nine to five job) but mainly because I get messages such as these, in response to my incredibly professional voicemail. She decided to text, of course, which just reinforces her ridiculousness. Prepare yourself.

Word for word.....

"its kinda like add insult to injury i feel well i can't explain we r a family that relies/& trusts i guess when people say they will help i am stunned"


"sorry you feel that way when you called earlier you made a committment i would not call i did also have tons of hrs u r not"

Ummmm could you read that? YEAH I didn't think so. I AM NOT KIDDING YOU. I had to FIGHT the urge to edit that as I was writing it here, cause a little comma never hurt anyone! I am speechless. Can you fault me for quitting working for/with someone who obviously does not have the self control to calm herself down before she texts me? Let alone thinks texting is the way to go about discussing employment. Anyways. I thought you guys would apperciate those moments of crazy in my life lately. I hope they made you laugh. Cause after a stupid day like today was, (ie getting a papercut between my fingers being the LEAST of my stresses)..... I sure needed one as well. So keep reminding me of the britney moment.


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