Friday, July 11, 2008

What's on my Desk: courtesy of MomBrain

Author's Note: A wonderful lady, who I was lucky enough to have as a mentor, employer, and child-care teacher (who's son I miss dearly) through highschool and college, also happens to be a writer and all around interesting / funny / talented blogger. Her site is one of my many daily check ins, and has hilarious insights into her life as a mom and beyond. Recently, she let us into her desk-world, and inspired the following Blog Idea.

What's on My Desk:

1. Unscented lotion that I reapeatedly rub on my healing tattoo.

2. A three headed USB monster chord for my camera.

3. My Ipod that no longer lets me see its contents and simply is on repeat.

4. Various notes about account passwords, website code, and my shipping confirmation for this awesome (and cheap) book.

5. My makeup bag, which has become my constant companion during this week of ridiculously early mornings in the lab, and alarm "not gong offs". Translation = me setting it for pm accidently or unintentionally not hearing it.

6. A reminder to sit up straight and take deep breaths. It's all about self-care here in the nursing world.

7. A handful of lavender from my thoughtful and caring Dean.

8. A box of old office keys.

9. Today's coffee mug. Cup # 2.

10. A picture of all the lovely student worker ladies, neatly cropped to leave out all the things that are not appropriate for an office staff directory list, but blatantly displayed in downloadable (blackmail) facebook pictures.

11. A paper snowflake leftover from christmas.

12. The Code Martha Packet for workplace violence. Scary. Almost happened this morning.

13. A calendar displaying february.

14. 8 bajillion sticky note pads, in various colors other than pastel.

15. 2008 Women's Rules (Lacrosse) Ref Handbook.

Analyze that!



Marjorie Osterhout said...

Me thinks it's time to flip a few pages on your calendar!!!

Thinking of you often - thanks for your kind words and a great book suggestion! -- XOMO

AB said...

Love this post idea- so fun!