Saturday, July 26, 2008

Faith in Humanity

I believe in us.



Makarios said...

Really? I mean, I expect such hope from someone your age and find it sad when it's absent. But upon what evidence exactly are you basing your faith in humanity? I've worked with several tens of thousands of individuals and I gotta tell you, I see stupid, angry, violent, did I already say stupid? greedy, corrupt, sociopathic people reproducing at a fantastic rate.

Anyhow, good luck in life. I hope humanity proves to be worthy of your faith.

Lauren said...

stupid angry violent greedy corrupt people are all a lot more complicated than just those titles. All the really obnoxious people are the ones who get all the press, but there are a LOT more of the rest of us.

Lauren said...

Also "your age"... try to be less condescending. It would make you look smarter.

Claire said...

In response to Makarios:

I am confused as to your comment on this blog. Truthfully, I find it a little bit presumptuous. I'm not sure if you were surprised by my faith in humanity, or not. But I was simply reminding others that despite humanity's flaws, we can be pretty amazing. And that fact alone (as exemplified by the post secret postcard picture I accompanied with the post) is what continues my faith. It has never gone away, I just find myself reminded of it in poignant ways. And I'm sorry you are so focused on the "greedy sociopathic...." people reproducing so fast. If you cannot see that most of humanity is good, than I pity your outlook. And being the christian that you seem to be, I am suprised you have not realized that those who are doing wrong and acting in ways that hurt us are the ones who most need our love, dedication, and most importantly..... our faith in them.