Saturday, July 12, 2008

You heard it Here First, Edition 5

1. Kathryn Williams. Ok, so that's the name of a gradeschool friend of mine, so it brings back a lot of memories which are pretty surreal to be reminded of, but she's also a really good singer-writer-find that I recently came across during pandora time one afternoon at work. Apparently she's been around for awhile, but regardless, her songs are quiet storms. A slow, almost melancholy, jewel mixed with janis mixed with ingrid michaelson masterpeice. Enjoy "Fell down fast" (if you can find it!) and also Hollow, featured below.

2. Jason Mraz. How I love thee. There is on end to my love. He often comes across as simple or overly poppy. But there is something about his music that is constantly moving to me. And his live stuff is worlds different. But his latest, I'm Yours, is unmistakenly his style and perfect for the summer. And who is better to channel for this time of year than Jack Johnson!?

3. In the spirit of hippie-portland, as evident by the stompin good time that I passed by on my walk past the ho-down at the local food co-op the other day, here is a really awesome johny cash-blue grass-outback sounding guy with an great head of hair. Acoustic guitar at it's finest.

4. I will never forget when Liz Stuart, a sophmore on my floor freshmen year, came back from his concert and he had sign her jeans. I thought she was totally awesome and so very rock and roll groupie. It was silly and cool at the same time. She had come back from a Howie Day concert. Yeah, hence the silly. But no, for reals, he's kind of awesome. Kind of 90s pop pulled into the 2 thousand tens....(or whatever else you call this decade). And this particular song, called She Says, always pops up on my "work appropriate" radio stations on pandora. So it constantly stuck in my head. Go find it!

5. This is one falls under the "I don't remember how I found this" category, so it doesn't surprise me in the least that they're kind of weird. But weird in a good way. Good in that there's plenty of keyboard, some violin, a girl lead singer, they're from Australia, an 80s punk feel, and they seem to love converse. I'm down with ALL of that. My favorite one is "Get what you want" although this is a close second.

6. They use the EGG, they're british, and they dance like total nerds. Enough said.

7. And I cannooottt get this song out of my head. I have some of their stuff, so it comes up on shuffle sometimes, but once it in my head, it doesnt usually go away for about a week. And a little kind of makes me feel cultured. :) A group of people that get together to sing, dance, play..... seems like my kind of place. Mmmm makes me want a taco from Ole Ole.



Lauren said...

you should check out 3OH!3 for all your hip hop needs. They just came out with a new album and i am in looove with it, cuz im so thug life.

Lauren said...

hip/hop electronica. sorry.

AB said...

I've heard of some of this and LOVE all of it!