Friday, July 25, 2008

You heard it here first, Edition VI

Oooooh goodie! Another one. I realized that this is only the 6th installment of this series (well technically the 7th since the 4th edition was a two part series), and that really isnt that many, but I feel like I've been writing these forever. Aside from funny conversations and political rants, and a dash of random list/updations, these are my favorite to write. So sit back, get a glass of iced tea (I reccomend Numi Simply Mint!), close your eyes as you listen (hey, it works ok!) and maybe have a bowl of frosted flakes, cause this stuff is greeeeattt!

1. Soooo I'm pretty much obsessed with anything Jason Mraz right now, and a random interview revealed that one of he is fascinated by Bjork. And as I really only know her as the lady with awesomely weird music, and that one swan dress, I gave her a good youtube search and found some incredibly stuff. You have to be prepared for some weirdness, but as I tend to like the 'weird in a good way' I was thoroughly impressed by this song. It's called "Alll is Full of Love".

2. Robin Thicke. Sex on a stick. Plain and simple. And a man that isnt afraid to use glitter in his music videos, is a real man to me :) He's written songs and won grammys with people since he was 16 (anyone from Mya to Brian McKnight (as a mentor) to Pink to Christina to Usher to Pharrell) and now he's been doing his own thing for awhile. His last album "Evolution of Robin Thicke" is excellent and his new one is equally exciting (to me at least). He claims that his new stuff has a little bit of a disco feel, with some Fred Astaire moments. Fedora me silly. His new song, called Magic.

3. So my Aunty Anna (aka superaunt) is probably peeing her pants right now in anticipation of the fact that Fleetwood Mac is going on tour again. Gasp! And in honor of their greatness, and awesome rocker women, here is a really cool cover of Crash (Dave Matthews Band) by Stevie Nicks. Man, if she can be in a band with the former 'love of her life' than I can do anything. Props to her.

3. Knowing my memory, the fact that I have such a vivid mental picture of opening up the case to their album OK Computer in front of my dark wooden splintering music cabinet in my montlake house, speaks volumes. Radiohead. Tried and true. Their newest, 'House of Cards' has a really trippy video, with really cool graphics. Another one of the reasons why I'm kicking myself for not yet learning the guitar.

4. So this one is a 'right now favorite' on my itunes, and when it popped up on my ipod yesterday during my commute, I kept it on repeat for about an hour and a half. No lie. I even got out a peice of paper and started writing down the lyrics. I was incredibly moved. Probably because I'm feeling exactly what she is singing about in this song. This one goes out to Ali Brown, and she knows why. It's called "Any Day" and I had no luck finding it on youtube or projectplaylist so I leave it up to you guys to seek it out on itunes, its definitely worth 99 cents. Ani Ani Ani!

5. Speaking of my Jason Mraz obsession, here is 'God moves through you'. It's spectacular. I never thought of him as having a religious/spiritual/universe-thinker-over-guy side. But regardless, I really really like it. And while we're on the subject, there is one off his new album called "love for a child" that is crazy good. Man of many talents.

6. So The Format. One of my all time favorite reccomendations by Lauren. And I just love love love his voice. Whiny at its best :) with a little bit of added twang. I like it, I like it alot. This song is fabulous. Once you get to the website, click the big fatty play button on the first track :)

7. Lastly, I cannot do one of these random posts without including a silly but fun pop song. And since I'm sure everyone knows about people like Mika and Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue, then I'm going to suggest Alphabeat. I mean really...Danish people are my people, so I must represent. I suggest the newest version of Boyfriend. Perfect for the gym. I also want his zip-up. But mainly I'm just impressed with the hair, the eyeshadow, the cassettes, Go 80's!

By the Way: There's an updation to my "Awesome Work Quote of the Week" thingy on my sidebar! Check it out!



Lauren said...

Note: The format is no longer going to produce any new work. Which more than slightly breaks my heart esp since i never got to see them live. So if you like them/love them go buy all the stuff you can from them because technically they no longer exist.

Claire said...

oh that is heartbreaking! I will scoop up there stuff for sure!