Monday, July 7, 2008

Vegas: Ridiculousity

A List (cause really, a coherent post with a beginning, middle, and end is rather impossibly to come up with about such a crazy weekend) of Vegas moments, thoughts, observations, and highlights.

Tricia likes to be nude. Most of the time. And has "perky little tits".

Speaking of boobs, sometimes its hard to keep them under wraps. Then we have moments when we don't even know if they're in or out and lauren says things like "whoa I thought my nipple was out, and then I realized no its just my baby soft skin!"

Vegas = lots and lots and lots of crazy people. More crazy than you've probably ever experienced. Usually drunk and crazy, but sometimes crazy on their own, without the additive that the sin-filled city contributes. And when crazy people get scary and mean, thats when you don't want them sitting next to you on the bus.

Sometimes its really hard for three people to figure out plans for the day, the evening, or even the night.

Drunk guys saying (with a slurred voice) 'you're gorgeoussss' on the elevator.....will never ever ever not make me laugh!

Casinos are dirty and smoky and just not glamorous. And if you don't know all the ins and outs of gambling and card games....its kinda intimidating at the same time. We stuck to the dollar slots and did just fine thank you!

Getting a tattoo hurts like a bitch, and don't try to tell me otherwise.

After three nights, I was soooo ready to go home to smoke free Portland.

Whenever possile, make up code names to be able to judge (verbally and openly) all the drunk crazies around you. It's fun, harmless, and every once in awhile you will even include yourself in the game. All's fair in Vegas. See another recap of our vegas times on Lauren's blog featuring the decoder.

I. Hate. Flying. It will never be fun. I will always feel gross, slightly nauseaus, dry mouth, and out of sorts before, during, and afterwards. Regardless of how much dramamine I take or ginger ale and pretzels I eat. And that fucking sucks, cause I love traveling.

The power of thank you is even more effective when you're so obviously drunk, tourist-ing, or lost; or any combination of the aforementioned unfortunate situations. That and some classy cleavage, cause God knows I wouldnt have gotten such a strong 32 oz gin and tonic without both of those.



Hanley Mead said...

i want to see the tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

My most favorite thing that you said was about my soft skin! I REALLY THOUGHT IT WAS MY NIPPLE. And also - tricia jesus christ woman. i loved every minute of it. And I am literally having withdrawal of vegas. I would go back next weekend if i could do laundry fast enough. :P And every single time someone asks me if tattoos hurt i say: YES. Anyone who says no is LYING. But it was so incredibly worth it. Like babies.... or something. haha